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Elizabeth Hay , designer and founder of the eponymous design firm in Singapore,
is in the spotlight of our newsletter this month.
Elizabeth has run her own design practice in Singapore since 2013, managing both local and global projects. The design studio focuses on details and originality, and every project it undertakes receives an enormous amount of attention and care.

Whether it's a modern, clean and simple project or a layered, ethnic and vibrant project, Elizabeth can accommodate any design sensibility. Her portfolio shows that her projects all have the same attention to detail, but their style varies depending on the client's requirements and the architectural style of the house or apartment she is working on.

Elizabeth has carefully built a network of trusted suppliers and craftsmen to create the high quality interiors she and her clients have come to expect. The unique aspect of each of the projects it carries out is a reflection of its extensive and global list of suppliers. Her extensive travels and over a decade of working on international projects have given Elizabeth a unique and invaluable bank of design knowledge.

Elizabeth enjoys creating layered interiors using schemes rich in pattern and texture, she is also passionate about beautiful materials and their stories. The fabrics that make up her library are mostly artisanal and come from small companies, each with their own characteristics and techniques, and she knows most of her suppliers personally. Her true passions are colors and patterns, which she uses to create interiors that feel like loved homes.

“We love working with Little Cabari here at EHD. The bright colors and patterns of their wallpapers are perfect for Singapore and always create happy rooms for our littlest customers!” Elizabeth Hay

The Little Cabari team is proud to work with the talented Elizabeth Hay and her team. We would like to thank Elizabeth personally as well as all the decoration professionals who trust Little Cabari and its products.

Photo credits Alecia Neo, Neon Studio
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