Much more than the mastery of know-how, it is the tailor-made aspect that makes our rugs unique. These tell a unique story, reflecting a very personal idea of ​​beauty. Like a print, they become an essential element of the room they adorn.

Accompanied by the Little Cabari creative team, imagine the rug that suits you.

Designed by our design studio in Paris, our custom rugs are tufted or hand-knotted by talented Portuguese artisans. Their know-how, inherited from an ancestral tradition, and the high quality of the wool, selected in New Zealand for its softness to the feet and its sustainable production, are the secret of our exceptional rugs.

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tapis sonia couleurstapis sonia couleurs

Sonia rainbow rug

tapis sonia sur-mesuretapis sonia sur-mesure sweet

Sweet Sonia rug

tapis arborescence little cabari sur mesure tapis arborescence little cabari sur mesure

Tree Carpet


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