PRIMAVERA Rose standard decor


GARDENS Collection 2024

The PRIMAVERA decor can be placed in a room for both adults and children. You will immediately be charmed by this spring frieze!

Features :
Printed on MATT non-woven paper.
Weight: 150gr/m2
Fire rating: BS1DO (M1)
Delivery times: 7 working days

Dimensions of the decor in its entirety: height 10,83ft x width 19,7ft.
The decoration is made up of four rolls which each include 3 strips of 19,7in by 10,83ft each. Each panel is sold in the form of a roll covering 4,9ft wide and up to 10,83ft high. They can be used together or separately. Roller no. 4 connects with roller no. 1.

Little Cabari panoramic decorations can be custom printed to the dimensions of your wall. We also adapt the decors according to your architectural constraints (slope, window, radiator, etc.). Send us your custom request to .

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* The decor is presented here in shades which may vary from one photo to another depending on the specific creations and requests we have had.

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