Standard decor UNDER THE OCEAN mist


CRUISE 2024 collection.

Immerse yourself in a new underwater world with our new entirely hand-painted UNDER THE OCEAN decor. Every detail is a unique work of art, capturing the magic of the seabed with mesmerizing precision and exceptional beauty.

Features :
Printed on MATT non-woven paper.
Weight: 130gr/m2
Delivery times: 7 working days

Dimensions of the decor in its entirety: height 330cm x width 450cm.
The decor is made up of 3 panels 330cm high and 150cm wide. Each panel is sold in the form of 1 roll of 50cm wide by 10m long. This roll has 3 strips measuring 330cm high by 50cm.

Dimensions of the wall decor presented: height 330cm x width 450cm

Little Cabari panoramic decorations can be printed tailor-made to the dimensions of your wall. We also adapt the decors according to your architectural constraints (slope, window, radiator, etc.).

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* The decor is presented here in shades which may vary from one photo to another depending on the specific creations and requests we have had.

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