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ETANG is the capture of a moment of life at the water's edge. We could almost hear the singing of the birds, the wind in the reeds or the beating of the heron's wings caressing the water. Let yourself be transported by this soothing scene.

Features :
Printed on MATT non-woven paper.
Weight: 130gr/m2.
Width of a strip: 75cm.
Delivery times: 7 working days.
Dimensions of the wall decor presented: height 250cm x width 400cm

If you have architectural constraints (window, radiator, cabin bed, etc.), we can modify the decor so that it adapts perfectly to your room. Send us your custom request to .

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* The decor is presented here in shades which may vary from one photo to another depending on the specific creations and requests we have had.

We advise you to add 10cm of safety margin in height AND width to your initial dimensions.

© Guillaume De Laubier

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