Kids Club - Victoria Jungfrau

The My Little Room team in charge of this renovation project chose Little Cabari to create the decor, wallpaper, carpets and fabrics for this luxurious kids club. All the rooms of this large house have been designed around the Glacier Express train and the lynx, the totem animal of the Swiss mountains in which the hotel is nestled.

The large games room:

In the little ones' playroom, Alice has created a very lively decor, inspired by the Swiss undergrowth. This setting is called Rösti. On the carpets, on the ground, the lynxes play in different postures. kids club little cabari

kids club victoria jungfrau

kids club hotel switzerland

The reading room:

In this room, Camille created a custom wallpaper with Alice's paintings, featuring the mountains, the lynx, the chalets and the Swiss Glacier Express train, which gave its name to this new motif. To dress the windows, Camille composed a second graphic pattern with mountain trees.

mountain wallpaper and fabric

kids club hotel victoria little cabari

The library :

To create continuity with the previous room, the Glacier Express pattern once again adorns the windows with blinds. To wallpaper the walls, the My Little Room team trusted Alice's talent to create a new decor, the Glacier Express. On the floor, we find Lynx and Squirrel rugs in different colors.

custom mountain decor

The rest room:

The green and blue Nutcracker pattern has completely taken over this room to make it a soft and peaceful space. The curtains, cushions and quilts were made to measure. On the floor, a Squirrel rug, created by Alice and Camille for this project.

Nutcracker squirrel wallpaper and fabric
fabric and wallpaper squirrel nutcracker

The music room:

Here the colors of the Pink Pond decor have been reworked so that the decor goes well with the Storm Polka fabric of the curtains and the blue Chamarré rug.

panoramic pond decor

lynx decor

The creative workshop room:

In the next room, that of the creative workshops, Primavera wallpaper was chosen to dress the four walls.

decor primavera greenerySwiss kids club little cabari

The multimedia room:

The media room is entirely wallpapered with rust-colored Kitsuné wallpaper and the windows are decorated with rust-colored Fern curtains to match the walls.

fox kitsuné wallpaper and fougeres fabric

kids club victoria little cabari my little room

Photo credit: Martha Villacampa